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Hydraulic standing filler


The design, finishing and  quality of materials give an exceptional reliability and long life.

One body pieces Completely made in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Smallest base floor available, which makes it ideal for any modern shops and processing outlets.

These fillers are provided with features that make it different from others and ensure its success in the market place.

Hydraulic power unit. This is a self-contained stainless steel oil tank with the advantage that the oil does not get contaminated and regular oil changes are not necessary anymore. The pump is also safeguarded; its working life extended and noise levels are reduced.  Pressure control on the front

Stainless steel lid has twin-locking handles and is completely removable for easy cleaning. An o-ring seals is also fitted to reduce any risk of leakage.

The piston is fully stainless steel fitted with o-ring seal, is detachable and connects to a stainless steel ram.

A handle on the front of the machine serves a dual purpose.

  • Aids moving the machine.
  • Protecting the controls

Two casters and two adjustable feet enable the machine to be moved and positioned easily.

Dosing device which is capable of dosing additives from 20 to 500 grams.(Optional)

Technical sheet PDF
Model Capacity Cones height Power Max pressure Weight Dimensions Shipping size Standard equipments Options
VILLA 25 25l – 20kg 1103 mm 1cv/0,75kW
120 bars 137,5 kg 500 x 660 x 1148 mm 780 x 700 x 1460 mm 3 cones inox 14, 22,30 mm 1/230V